Tee Tree Watches

Luxury without the price tag.

Belle Range


Stylish and elegant, embossed emblem with unique colour in every design.


Stainless steel crown and caseback, sapphire crystal-coated glass and diamond cut hands.


World-renowned Ronda Quartz movement, made to tick for years without fault.


Corrosion resistant steel, and a quality leather strap ensures Tee Tree Watches are meant to last. 

About Tee Tree Watches

Tee Tree Watches offer luxury timepieces with perfect combination of style, functionality, practicality and luxury – without the price tag. Our  watches provide an assortment of stylish watches for any hand, are Australian designed with the highest quality components. 

Luxury Watches That Complement Your Style

At Tee Tree Watches, we have a deep passion for creating luxury timepieces that complete your look to perfection. Whether you have a modern, minimalist, bohemian, or vintage style, you’ll find a watch that’s right up your alley here. By stocking a wide range of unique designs, we ensure that there’s something for everyone at Tee Tree Watches.

The perfect combination of elegance, sophistication, functionality, practicality, and comfort, our watches are a cut above the rest. By putting quality first, we’re committed to helping you find something that stands the test of time—both in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our watches feature a high-quality stainless steel crown and caseback, sapphire crystal-coated glass, and diamond cut hands. We use corrosion-resistant steel and premium leather straps to ensure our watches offer the quality you need. If you’re looking to buy elegant watches online, start exploring our collection today.

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